Branding and politics are about developing a promise, making that promise and maintaining it. It means defining the brand, positioning the brand and delivering the brand. The aim is to convey the brand message vividly and establish emotional connectivity with the public and create loyalty through strong strategic communication verbally and visually. The purpose of this paper is to shed some light on the neglected area of India’s past, present and future i.e., design, to enhance the visual communication of government consumables.

The concept for this paper was conceived because of the constant exposure to “Brand Amma”. Jayalalithaa or popularly known as Amma (mother in Tamil) is the current Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, who, in the year 2010 launched a series of consumables such as packaged drinking water, canteens, medical shops and salt, with a latest addition of departmental stores throughout the state creating a new wave in commercialisation. The schemes owing to its subsidised price is a big hit primarily amongst the middle and lower income groups and in turn from the past four years all these popular welfare schemes have boosted the morale of the current ruling party. As the power of public has an important role during the election period, likewise the power of creativity has an important role in shaping that public.
Demographic changes are transforming the developing world and India is no exception. With more than 70 percent of Indian population below age 35 and majority of them employed in the cities they are the decision makers according to their families who continue to live in towns and villages. These decision makers in turn define how the next generation should live, communicate or behave. The current generation is dynamic and self driven supported by internet and social media causing a shift in public discourse. E-commerce has taken WYSIWIG to another level of WHAT YOU BUY ONLINE IS WHAT YOU GET, WYBOIWYG, which has helped in breaking racial and rural barriers and creativity has a major role pay in this economic transformation.
Post success of Brand Amma these schemes of subsidised consumables are being implemented national wide and at this point typography would have a fundamental role in creating national identification. Already diverse in culture and language it is necessary to see these schemes as a part of Government of India campaign, BRAND INDIA. The core purposes it to retain these schemes as stand-alone without any political inclination to ensure continuity of such brilliant consumable schemes to the public irrespective of the current political reign and break the stereotype that government consumables lack quality.

Good design and visual appeal will attract purchase and typography will provide a visual bridge of concept recognition of any entity among masses.
This diversity of language gives a larger scope to work and experiment with and in this paper the centre of focus is on English, Tamil, Hindi and Urdu. The emphasis on the need for better design of govt. products and services is to set the standard of our nation at par with the international brands. Production technology today has improved exponentially and it is possible to design better identity for the govt., keeping the under lying concept of unity. In a scenario where one is travelling inside India from one end of the country to the other and lands in a state where tough to sustain without knowing the local language it is a joy to find familiar products and services i.e., bottled water, canteens, medical shops and departmental stores.
Typography is the integral part of visual communication and design. In the past design was seen as an external activity by the government and in the present scenario design has been accepted and actively implemented too at possible situations by the government. The future of how we see and what we are going to show the next generation is in the hands of us creative minds to create a brand positioning that would be motivating, credible and unique, the three essential qualities for Brand India.


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