VERTIGO, spun out!

Ho boy! Ho boy! HO!!! I had longed too much for a day when I’d get to camp by the side of a stream with water falls on one side, surrounded by trees and bugs singing lullaby, and under those millions of shiny stars. And that day did come. Oh yeah! It happened.

I had trekked with this organisation called CTC, and boy what an experience. Something I’ll never forget. During the trek one person told me, “Either you be the story, or have a story to share.” Well I am not a story yet, but I do have one to share.

Clinging onto to the grass like our only lifeline with the torch held in our mouth, very cautiously we crawled to the other side, none wanting to fall off the steep bouldery other side, and all happening at night. SHIVER!! SHUDDER!! WITH FEAR I WAS! Guess many were too. Yup, this is my first night trek, and first times are never forgotten forever. So many times while climbing up and skating down, I wished I had grown atleast an INCH taller just enough to reach that tiny little rock that could save me, I prayed. Oh yeah! The prayer was answered in the form of Brijesh’s hand. He pulled me off to the other side like a twig! I wondered to myself what do they eat. And not to forget another save, actually twice by Guru, actually I was saved by many people. Oh well! At a point I began to hallucinate. Very bad sign!! I thought I will not go on! This is it. END POINT. NADA for me! But after reaching the base camp I changed my mind! WHAT A LOVE IT WAS!

Under the starry night,

Stretching every limb, left and right

Little bugs, big bugs, whats the difference in that

They sang a lullaby while we made our bed.

The gentle flow of water was all we could hear

Three, tucked away in a blanket slept with a lil fear,

Surrounded by the black depth of night

Under the starry light.

Oh well, after that beautiful poetic night, it was back to a day of walking uptight. But we need energy to move on, don’t we. So we ripped open the soup packets, fought over boxes of bhel puri and had several cups of tea, enough to keep us going on. And after having so much no sir you don’t walk immediately. So while they dipped and dived into the pool I sketched a bit. Until my turn came to jump off the ledge, which after a dance and fuss I did. There’s a first time for all and first times are not forgotten!

There are too many good memories to share, guess they are better off as memories! I might have been pushed, feared and tested to my maximum limits. And now I want more!


WATERFALL at the Base camp

medium: wax crayons, eye pencil on rough notebook


9 thoughts on “VERTIGO, spun out!

  1. hey anitha i didnt expect that the picture come to life so well…!and see you in more treks and you should thanks me for taking a pic of yours which max posted it on the post trek mail 😉

  2. kalakarae anithaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….. super poem………supre drawing…………………. prammatham…………

  3. I was introduced to your blog by a very good friend of mine, Harish. He I was a part of this trek. Enjoyed this post very much. I will visit yoru blog often.

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