“Parallel Lines don’t meet. They keep traveling to infinity.”

“They’re like railway tracks, they may cross but never meet.”

“Hey forgot all your physics and basic science ahh? Did u study at all?”

“Hmph! Parallel Lines! MEET! Yeah right you want me to believe that!”

“Are you getting married?”

These are few of the comments that I remember when I told people the name of the art show that me and my friends are hosting. PARALLEL LINES MET. Why such a name? Because we are a group of five, each with a different and unique style of art. So we consider ourselves as lines that were traveling parallel until July 7th- July12th. Those are the days of our art show.

So the Parallel Lines Meet. But why met? We have been friends for 7 years, so that makes us MET! Doesn’t it!

Ok! To the point. Me (anitha), Santhosh Kumar, Karthic Kannan, Mathan and Antony, are the five hosting this show.

PLM logoDear Readers, you are cordially invited to the INAUGURATION of our show on July 7th 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. at the LALIT KALA AKADEMI.

The show goes on till July 12th, with a workshop for children on cartoon illustration and clay modeling at the Lalit Kala Akademi. All are most welcome to come and view our works, as we are open comments, critics and et cetera.

Thank you!


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