With the group art show coming up in 3 weeks time and printing 300 invitations (which is big numbers for us) we hunted every “xerox” and colour printout shops, asking quotations, and the quotations giving us heart attatcks with a wooping estimate of Rs.23,000. WOAH!!! My head went for a spin no way we could afford that!

And as all our mother’s say.“NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF ALL INVENTIONS.”

Well we didn’t invent anything, we merely remebered THE LETTERPRESS.

And fell in love with the kind of paper we could use, all those lovely, poofy and colourful handmade papers, andthe age old method of printing that is going to be extinct in just another year or so. So as we roamed the streets of Royapetta,we heard this sound. The sound that feels like the heartbeat of the Letterpress machine. That extreme feel of joy did not happen when we discovered that press, but when we saw our first proof print in hand! It may not be the best design done ever, nothing creative about it.

Then why all this hype you think?

We made the people of that press happy!! They were happy to do it for us!

And the cost, Just Rs.300. Rs.100 to make block for our caricatures and Rs.200 for printing 300 copies! What a beauty!

If anybody needs to get things done using letterpress here’s the address of that place

Subhaa Art Press

18, Vathiyar Chinnaiah St., Royapettah,

Chennai – 600 014. Tel: 044 2847 4396

A. Sekar – 94443 44700


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